10 Fun Activities you’d Love to Have with your Kids

10 Fun Activities you'd Love to Have with your Kids


There’s surely a time where kids are getting bored and would love to have their parents get involved in their activities. as a parent, I sometimes see my kids struggling to find something to do, this is where some simple activities and crafts will save your life, but this also will need some involvement from the parents side, I believe that the more they do things on their own is better, but it’s also entertaining to play with my kids sometimes and I love that.
I’m always searching for new things that will not just keep my kids entertained, but also help them to develop their sense of creativity and build on them the confidence that even the small things can be useful.
Here are 10 fun activities I suggest you can do with your kids:
1. Read a book
Our kids’ books are always available any time of the day. Reading for my kids has always been a fun thing to do and they enjoy it a lot, as they are very creative and try themselves to imagine the end of the story.
Stories are transporting, it’s like taking a family trip together.
These are some of my favorite kids’ books: Giraffes Can’t Dance, The Going-To-Bed Book.
2. Act out a book.
Let your kids act out their favorite book characters, it’s fun and it helps them build strong communication skills.
3. Make an indoor clubhouse tent.
my kids love these, they always want to build their own little home and play the kitchen, they have so much fun doing so, I used to help them make a tent out of a blanket, but they always ruin it and call me back to fix it so I just got them a nice ready indoor tent and they love this one more.
4. Draw/Color together.
Drawing and Coloring is a fun activity to do with your children, they would always appreciate you to join them for a coloring  break, you will see that it’s also a fun activity for you and it will help you relax after a stressful journey at work.
5. Have them help with cooking
If your kids are old enough, let them help you with the basics like pizza sauce, or making pasta and all the kids love to make bread, it’s an excellent way to teach them about some mathematical skills, nutrition, and basic life skills.
6. Write and mail a letter to someone special
Writing an old fashion letter became a dying art. Compared to today’s ways of communication, let your kids write a letter to their grandma, their cousin or to a special friend and make someone happy when they open their mailbox a couple of days later.
7. Play the grocery store
This is also a fun activity that I let my kids enjoy; I let them play with items from my pantry as long as they’ve never been used before.
8. Playing at the sink
Fill up the sink with a little water, some cups and spoons for pouring, and usually, one of my two kids will stay occupied playing in the sink for a good thirty minutes.
9. Have a family talent show
Let your kids use their imagination; you could be surprised of your kids’ hidden talent. They often like to show their talent and can also be creative, giving them the space to express themselves can be a good way to strengthen their self-confidence.
10. Watch a movie
Order a pizza or make popcorn at home and have your kids choose a movie of their choice, the kids will have so much fun watching a movie with you before bed.

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