4 Simple Tips to lose weight and Stay Healthy during Pregnancy


4 Simple Tips to lose weight and Stay Healthy during Pregnancy

Pregnant women generally want to get rid of overweight during pregnancy. obese women face many troubles when they become pregnant . Their condition becomes exposed to health complications. Obesity is an epidemic among people, particularly fat women. Being too fat may cause serious problems for pregnant women. Generally speaking, pregnancy results in weight gain. This is because your body gets larger in shape and adjusts to the size of your baby. Women should know that weight gain during the period of pregnancy is natural and has to do with your nature so as your baby.

Pregnancy is a time of joy, but for others, it is a time of worry in the sense that bearing extra weight may lead to health problems either for you or your baby. Thus, the period of pregnancy is sensitive that every woman should look for the necessary tips to know how to deal with her status during this time. Every pregnant woman should find out the best manner by which she can lose some weight, but with the advice of your doctor, you can control and manage your weight before, during and after pregnancy to maintain your health and keep you and your baby in a better condition.

Women who worry about gaining weight during pregnancy should assess their fat levels. Both overweight women and low body fat women can encounter certain challenges and difficulties; this is why they are supposed to consult their gynecologists. Consulting your professional doctor is the best act to do. Specialists assert that the effects obesity might have on pregnant women are miscarriage, diabetes, stillbirth, the increase of chronic conditions such as heart disease and the risk of birth defects like neural tube defects.

Health professionals advise pregnant women who want to lose weight to abide by some rules and follow their doctor’s advice. There are many tips that should be executed by pregnant women. Many specialists say that overweight women should consult their doctors before attempting to lose weight during pregnancy. Here are some tips that you should do to keep both you and your baby healthy.


  1. Do not diet arbitrarily:

    health professionals advise pregnant women to avoid losing weight during pregnancy unless they consult their gynecologists. Obese women are not recommended to start weight loss regimen after they become pregnant. They need only to organize their diet and eat healthy meals.  Weight gain during pregnancy is normal. As a pregnant woman, you need to eat healthy food to make sure that your baby gets all the necessary nutrients they need to be healthy. For some doctors, dieting during pregnancy might forbid your baby of calories and vitamins needed for them to grow up in a good condition. Women who are obese should gain around 15 pounds; for overweight women, they are expected to gain 15 to 25 pounds when they are pregnant.


  1. To stay healthy, do light exercise:

    exercise is an important manner for you to be healthy. It will allow you to achieve a healthy weight. Doing exercise is an important step of weight-loss diet. It can bring many benefits for both you and your baby. The right exercise can help you to strengthen your muscles and then can ease your delivery. Also, it can make you sleep better during the night plus increasing a sense of well-being. Exercise contributes as well to lowering the risks of pregnancy; before starting such exercises, it is very important to consult your doctor to avoid probable risks.



  1. Try to follow a healthy diet:

    ignore the common belief that you need to ‘’ eat for two’’, assuming that it is important for you to eat a lot to keep your baby healthy. During the first days of your pregnancy, your baby in small size; thus, what you need to do is to know how to follow a healthy diet. There are many diet rules that every parent should recognize to follow during the period of pregnancy. A pregnant woman needs to determine the amount of calories she needs during pregnancy. A great number of practitioners assure that a pregnant woman during the first trimester of her pregnancy needs to have an intake around 200-300 extra calories a day. During the second trimester, she needs an intake of 350 extra calories a day. As for the third trimester, she needs to eat 500 extra calories a day. In order to get these calories, you are supposed to consume food which is rich of these calories; take foods that are full of folates such as orange juice, strawberries, cereals, broccoli, and fortified bread. Do not forget to include fruits and vegetables in your diet.


  1. Try to take prenatal vitamins:

    during the time of pregnancy, your body needs more additional nutritional elements. Your body might need prenatal vitamins that can address these needs. Folic acid is one of the essential vitamins you can take. This vitamin minimizes the risk of neural tube defects; take calcium and omega-3 elements to keep your body active and help your body’s development. Moreover, avoid supplements that give you excessive vitamins such as A, B, E, and K.

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