An Act Of Kindness Changed The Life Of Thousands Of Families

Thanks to these wonderful founders Holly and Peter Ranney, from Sunshine on a Ranney Day, a nonprofit organization that works in the social field and helps to renovate homes for children with special needs. Today Atlanta Children’s Egleston Hospital, its annex has been transformed into a spa oasis this season.

The parents of sick children can sometimes gallop while waiting for their children in the cold waiting rooms of hospitals and clinics, spending hours without sleeping or resting.

But as there are always incredible people, the case of Holly and Peter, this initiative has been able to offer parents of sick children luxury comfort.

This work has always been a passion and a work of love for the two founders.

Lately a large campaign on the social media was started under the hashtag #ShareKindness.

Holly HOY said in the campaign: “Peter and I discovered it was our mission in life and our hope is that we can inspire others to share their goodness” “share kindness to me, Is to use your talent and skills that God has given you for the benefit of other people, “Peter added.

Thus come the story of a little boy and his family who lived a fatal accident, while at his kindergarten in 2012, a tree member fell on the little boy, crushing his head. The family of the little child Tripp had to spend five months in the hospital after their children suffered a severe brain injury.

A group of people came especially this month for the big change that was made on the hospital.

The mother was frightened and destroyed by the look at her little child who was only 2 years old completely hooked to all the monitors and all the tubes.

Stacy saw that the  bedrooms were the only place where they could rest, but for them it always smelled like they were in a hospital.

“The hospital has become our home. We ate here, we bathed here and we slept here … you want to cry and break down, but can not stand in front of your child. This is not acceptable, you have to stay strong.

The transformation that has come to the aid of these founders has warmed the heart of this little family thinking of other families like them and who certainly can pass through such an experience.

Both founders Holly and Peter Ranney began their adventure in 2012, with her marketing and design expertise and that of her partner in construction

 , who have used their talent to help these families at no cost and renovate their rooms. this project in the hospital was the closest to their heart.

“Sometimes parents need a private space to express themselves freely, empty their stress, cry when they feel the envy, it could at least help to appease their pain, if only they can feel at home or in a hotel, It’s going to be rewarding, “said Holly.

A few years ago Sunshine on a Ranney Day heard about the story of Tripp Halstead, they directly thought about renovating the family home to make it completely accessible for the handicapped. On the day of the announcement many people came to attend the opening celebration.

“we can not really think all the time about the little things that can be a difficulty for us, asking ourselves questions like how we could bathe him in the bathroom, though today when we see around We see a lot of possibilities instead of Tripp’s limitations, “Stacy said.

Now several families will have the opportunity to benefit from this renovation in the hospital, she added.

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