The Great News Of Today !! Dylan Dreyer welcomes baby boy

Congratulations to new mom Dylan Dreyer!

TODAY we received the good news of the birth of a boy, Calvin Bradley Fichera; The first child of Dylan and her husband, Brian Fichera, who in his turn works a cameraman for NBC nightly News.



The good news was shared by Fichera on Instagram Saturday afternoon.
Calvin was born at 11: 52 a.m. Saturday morning, weighing 8.3 pounds.



Viewers learned Dylan’s pregnancy information in June, and it was only a few days after the famous Savannah Guthrie revealed she was expecting a second child. Both anchors had deadlines in December.

Matt Lauer of his known humor  joking that TODAY was “take charge of morning television, a new viewer at a time.”

Young presenter Dylan, aged 35, shared her early pregnancy experiences with her TODAY viewers by posting on a newspaper video chronicling everything she needed to feed herself Time when she is nervous or panic of this big change of her life, it’s true that parental life is something exciting!



Dylan says in a newspaper entry that it’s such a miracle, and it’s crazy to think there’s a baby growing up in her belly.

She did not forget to mention in one of her interventions the big drawbacks for a person that her job forces her to face the public every day, especially for someone who works in a very public job like Movie stars and artists who are often faced with criticisms of the social media and other newspapers.

“People let me know if it’s a hit or a miss,” Dylan added from a video journal entry she keeps in her closet. “And believe me when it’s a lack, it upsets me a bit if you do not like what I wear, because I do my best here.”

Dylan was the subject of social experience. One day after pregnant actress Olivia Wilde was deceived from the subway passengers who did not allow her a seat to sit, now the turn came for Dylan to go out to New York subways to see if the foreigners would show their Respect and kindness. (Apparently, they did!)

Dylan’s colleagues were very supportive and encouraged her throughout her pregnancy and also applauded her courage to discuss her fears and excitement and for her honesty. She helped to have a strong partner by her side. Dylan met Brian when the two worked the morning shift at WDHH, the NBC affiliate in Boston. They married in October 2012.


“We were very patient to have our first baby, to be honest, at first we did not want children in our life but at some point we exchanged another look and we both agreed, Have a baby in our life! ” She wrote in a TODAY blog post.

Congratulations Dylan and Brian!


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