How your Child Can Read Fluently in a Short Period of Time

How your Child Can Read Fluently in a Short Period of Time

The More your Child learns Reading Skills the More she/he becomes successful

Improving your child’s reading skills depends on your choice of the best methods. We provide you with the most effective methods of teaching your child how to read fluently in a very short period of time. Do not waste this opportunity. The program is in your hand.

The majority of parents seek to teach their children how to read fluently in the very beginning when they have about 2 years old or before. Their aim is to make their kids acquire skills of reading so as to be successful either in their life in general or in the academic field in particular. Parents are always suspicious about the best method or even the most developed program by which children can learn how to read.

Plenty of approaches have been presented by so many teachers, writers or professional people. But the problem which is raised here with these methods is that they have no effective results because of the kind of approaches they follow. The bulk of these approaches are traditional that rely on memorization. This means that they focus on teaching children how to memorize words not on how to develop skills which can help them overcome any problem they might encounter when they come across words they are not accustomed to.
A famous reading teacher called Jim Yang came to invent a program for the sake of making children learn how to read. He named his program as Children Learning Reading Program. The man has 4 kids. He wanted to apply first the program on his children to see how the program is effective. The result is that he came to discover great results. Their children made great progress in reading in a very short period of time. The program proves to be amazing by the successful techniques and strategies which it uses regarding children learning reading.

You might probably wonder right now about how the program works and the extent to which it is successful. I assure you that the program is really amazing and what prove that are the videos and documents posted on the Jim Yang’s Website. The videos show clearly how his kids start learning to read step by step sounds and letters. In this review, I will explain some of the main points the Children Learning Reading Program came with.

How does the Children Learning Reading Program work?

The Children Learning Reading Program targets a set of audiences ranging from toddlers to children of different ages. The design of the program is meant to teach anyone how to read fluently and quickly. The method used here is very simple which makes the process of learning funny for children. The program is divided into 2 stages with 50 short lessons in total. It follows a strong and solid foundation based on instilling skills of reading into children.

The program gives its lessons gradually and step by step. It is based on scientific techniques and methods to help children read fluently in a period of 3 months. The program provides you with an extra bonus which makes your child have fun during the learning process, which means that the program has a double function: teaching reading skills and making fun at the same time. I’m sure you are still wondering about the way the program works. I admit that you will like it so much after you watch Jim’s videos on the website.
The Children learning Reading Program is generally a phonics and phonemic awareness based reading program. It is based on scientific data and methods. It includes a set of phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics which help children develop their reading skills and be proficient and good readers. The program uses an easy technique in teaching reading skills. It uses a systematic method to develop each level of learning. Your child is taught first how to use phonemes and phonics. Then, they come to learn the technique of blending. By this technique, your child will be able to combine the different phonemic units into words. The lessons in this program are designed in an easier manner for your child to learn how to pronounce letters correctly and how to use phonetics properly.

At the end of the program, you will be amazed by the increase of your child’s vocabulary. You will discover that your child will not be able only to read letters, words or sentences, but also you will notice that your child develops more and more vocabulary plus to their articulation which becomes clearer.

To what extent can one say that the Children Learning Reading Program is funny?

The Children Learning Reading Program uses different methods, unlike the other programs. This program teaches children of different ages to how to read effectively, using stories, color pictures, and rhymes to make fun for your child.

You admit that small children need to learn things by games; so the program gives you a double function. It teaches your child and makes fun for him/her at the same time. It is so interesting. The program uses a methodical technique. It is a step by step program which switches from a now reading stage to a more developed phase. That is, it teaches your child to successfully articulate letters, words, and sentences. Moreover, it helps them reach a stage where they can read rhymes and stories fluently.

This program uses a different method. It does not rely on a ’’whole language approach’’ which is based on memorization. This approach is ineffective because it does not focus on teaching skills that children might need when they come across words they do not know. On the contrary, the Children Learning Reading Program is based on scientific methods and techniques which help children of different ages to acquire and learn the skills of reading in a very short period of time. If you are still suspicious of the program, I will lead you to watch Jim’s videos on the websites which prove the true quality and effectiveness of the program. You will discover that this program might have great and positive impacts on your child’s academic achievements in future.

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