Mom Buzz The Social Media Breastfeeding Her Three 5-Years-Old kids “Pictures”

The story of an Australian mother of five children living in Hong Kong with her husband Jason. Davina Wright has three children who are 5-year-old triplets, Connor, Willow and Summer.

The mother of the three children has shaken the social media lately for her story of breastfeeding her children now that their age requires immediate abandonment of feeding them from her breasts, Davina says that her children love to breastfeed for at least a few times a day.

Finally, it appears that it is the three children who love to continue their breastfeeding, the first 2 children weaned before they were 2 years old, and now they are 5 years old and the mother does not have any intention to stop breastfeeding.

Wright is a very active woman in several breastfeeding pro groups, trying through her posts to launch a positivity campaign around women who discuss the same subject and end the stigma around breastfeeding.


“To be honest, I would be happy if they weaned now, I am very aware of letting the kids decide when they are willing to wean, but at the same time I am like ‘guys, there are 3 of you, And you’re 5, come on already! ”  Wright wrote in a breastfeeding blog ” I’m tired, I’m touched out, and I’m sure the last of the “baby’s weight” will not change until ‘they stop.

“I know that I have this feeling that I’m done, it’s not just that I want my body back to myself, I know that my kids will continue enjoying being in my arms and hanging on me for rides at home” Add The mother the three kids.


Being aware of letting her kids’ breastfeeding, furthermore, she is not giving her breasts all the time as she’s very strict on where they must be fed.


She usually has a very organized agenda for her breastfeeding days; she prefers to breastfeed them once or twice a day, sometimes when they wake up, and once before they go to bed.


Considering the fact of her being tired of breastfeeding, nonetheless she cherishes that connection being built when she breastfeed her three kids.

Knowing that her kids of 5 years old are very active, wild and like to play, breastfeeding moment is probably the only time when she gets to enjoy being quite with them.


This mom tries very often to talk with her kids about the subject of breastfeeding and find it wonderful how their kids get to share with her, understand and communicate with her. And she also loves how they feel the appreciation of getting nursed.

Have you ever breastfed more than you expected to? Would you like to breastfeed your kids until they are ready to stop? Let us know in a comment below and don’t forget to share this story!!

source:Daily Mail


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