The 5 Tips of How to Set Connection with your Child

The 5 Tips of How to Set Connection with your Child

How does parents set a strong relationship with their kids?

Many parents have the will to let their children live in a better condition full of love and affection. Their wish is to provide a good education to their kids and teach them good manners. Parents ignore the basic habits and skills they should know to teach them to their children. Generally speaking, children needs a lot of care and attention by their parents; their education and manners depend on their parents’ treatment.

Every child is in need of affection and care in their childhood. This is because they ignore so many things that might have certain impacts on them. Researchers admit that parents are supposed to take care of their kids in the very first days since their birth in the sense that their treatment towards them is very important. One of the significant ways by which parents can have a concrete and positive impact on their children’s manners and behavior is the direct connection with them.

what does the science say about the relationship between parents and children?

Psychologists suggest that every parent should connect with their child for multiple reasons. Scientific studies show tangible and beneficial results for the positive connection set between parents and their little kids. Children who are given much care become successful in their life and develop good manners unlike those who luck intimate relationship with their parents. Specialists assure that kids need daily connect time with at least one adult to let them feel safe and loved. In childhood, your child needs to have your full attention and to get completely connected with you.
Parents sometimes are so busy with their jobs and goals and forget to give importance to their kids. They might have little time to spend with them. The time is very limited; parents are supposed to connect with their children for different reasons.

Connection is as important to us as parents as it is to our kids. Kids who are deeply connected to their parents develop the habit to cooperate and trust. Parents can build an intimate relationship when they feed, bath and hug their kids regularly. Such behavior leads to a stronger relationship between the two parties and results in positive benefits on children’s health. On the contrary, the absence of connection might cause anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation and self-worth. Ignoring the parental connection will lead to many troubles such as self-destructive behaviors, eating disorders and pain of disconnection.

Evidently, parents might have certain expectations of their children like acquiring good manners, respecting home rules and meeting academic achievements; in order for children to acquire, behave gently and succeed in their academic career, they need some basic requirements. Parents are supposed to have a direct and positive connection with their kids to let them behave in a good manner; they need to overcome the destruction and problems that can have concrete effects on children. Searches conducted about how parents can connect with your child show that parents should have a deeper relationship with their kids in the sense that positive connection is one of the effective methods to support children’s psychological, physical and mental health.

Here are 5 useful tips for parents to adopt with their children in their daily life.

1. Eat lunch or dinner in a family environment: many studies assure that parents who eat dinner with their kids set up a good connection with them. Rachel Fortune, M.D., a pediatrician and medical director at Newport Academy’s Connecticut Campus, asserts that eating two or three family dinners a week has a very positive influence regardless of keeping the process of communication unlimited with kids. He assures that eating together leads to better health condition for kids and builds deeper relationships between parents and their kids

2. Give your child full attention: one of the most important means to recognize is to pay full attention to your children and be engaged with them during the day. Many pediatricians and specialists say that you parents need to get down on the floor with them and experience their world, allowing them to control the space and direct you. This leads your kids to trust you and be fully connected to you emotionally and physically.

3. Make joyful ways to connect with your kids: the best manner by which your child can be connected to you is to make funny ways to interact with them such as hide and seek; kids like to play it. Play music with them; cook and bake alongside your children; they like to stir poor and enjoy the tasting.

4. Develop the habit of reading with your kids: reading is one of the most effective ways to connect with your children. Try to read a book in your child’s choice and talk together about the pictures in the book, ask and let them ask you questions. In this way, a stronger relationship is built with your kids.

5. Set a goal with your son and try to achieve it together: tell your child of a certain goal and stimulate him/her to achieve it together like reading a book and fixing the date for the deadline, playing soccer in the weekend or visiting a place in some date.

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