Top 6 Habits Every Mother Should Teach Her Kids

Top 6 Habits Every Mother Should Teach Her Kids

How to teach your kids good manners?

Many parents do not know how to deal with their kids. Their ways of treating them are different to varying degrees. A certain number of them lack the necessary skills to bring up their children in an environment full of love and respect. They might not have sufficient mechanisms to treat them well either at home or outside. Their treatment might have, accordingly, positive and negative effects. Those who teach their children how to behave well will surely adopt an approach which is different from that used by parents who are indifferent.

Parents who follow a certain paradigm of good behavior will have a significant impact on the education of their children and their life in general. Thus, if you come to be a parent, you have to find the best way by which you can educate your child good manners. When you are at home, you need to pay attention to your words in front of your children; many psychologists assure that parents’ speech either at home or outside it might have positive or negative effects on their children.

Kids in their infancy possess an intelligent memoir that they pick up any word they hear from their parents. This is why you need to be careful when you utter a word in front of them. You, as a parent, have a significant impact on the psychology of your children. You might be right now wondering about the best steps you need to know to teach your child to be a well-mannered person. Here is a guide on how to talk to your kids.
As a parent, you need to play the first role model. Your child learns from you; thus, you should be attentive to what you say in front of him/her. According to Namrata Dagia, a psychologist, ‘’children learn a lot through observation. Couples need to be aware of this fact and resolve differences behind the doors. Things like how marriages are, how to behave with the opposite sex are learned through the way the child sees his parents’ relationship.’’ Thus, you should filter any word you say to raise healthy and well-adjusted kids. These are some steps to follow in order to have a well-mannered child.

Tips to teach your kids good manners.

• Avoid sarcasm: do not be sarcastic in front of your child and make fun of others. Be careful to what you say so that your child will not show sarcasm of his/her friends.
• Do not gossip: do not gossip with your partner in the presence of your child. Your child is innocent; so let them enjoy their innocence and learn only positive things.
• Do not lie: if you tell something to your child, make it true. Do not say something and do something else. Your child will trust your words, so be the ideal role model for your kid. If you say something, make sure that you follow up so because your child will expect you to do it.
• Avoid offensive words and expressions: you have to give special attention to your words before uttering abusive language. Children learn quickly abusive words and come to believe that they are just expressions to use to show sarcasm of someone when they become angry or upset. Your language should be positive.
• Avoid hurting expressions: do not shout at your child when s/he asks you something. Do not tell them ‘’leave me alone’’, ‘’go out’’ and similar expressions. Be kind and merciful. Your child needs your care and affection. According to Suzette Haden Elgin, Ph.D., founder of the Ozark center for Language Studies in Huntsville, Arkansas, ‘’ they –children- began to think there is no point in talking to you because you are always brushing them off.’’ If you keep treating them in such a way, be certain they will be less likely to tell you things when they grow up.
• Choose the right expression: when your kid is crying, do not tell him/her ‘’do not cry’’, ‘’do not be sad’’, ‘’stop crying’’. Your kid can feel upset and sad because they come to think that their emotions are not valid and it is not good to cry. Some psychologists say that it is better to use appropriate expressions. Give your child his/her freedom to express emotions.

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